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  • Steve Dymoke

The Star Car for the August WAP is...

I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable so many of you are! I am going to have to make it more challenging next time!!

As many of you guessed it is a Lancia Delta S4 Stradale. A very rare car and we are really excited about the prospect of having it on display at the August WAP meeting on the 18th of August.

All of the people who guessed correctly (as of 18:00hrs on the 11th August) will receive an email about how to gain free entry at a Wheels at Prescott event.

There are two winners because their emails both arrived with the same date and time stamp. So it would be rude to choose only the first to arrive in my Inbox! Each will also get a meal voucher for use in the Clubhouse.

Information about the Lancia Delta S4 and the Stradale variant.

The Lancia Delta S4 was a Group B rally car built in 1985/6, and was an evolution of the previous and similar looking Lancia Delta 037. The main difference was the addition of turbocharging to complement the 037s supercharging. Hence the term 'twincharging'. This resulted in around 500hp from the 1800cc twin-cam engine. In full "race mode" this could be increased to over 1000hp. The Stradale versions were built to meet the homologation requirements of 200 cars, although around 100 cars were actually built. So a rare car. Come along to see and also hear it!

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