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Prescott is a professionally run motor racing venue. We launched the first Hill Climb event here in 1938.  It has the facilities you would expect for a large number of visitors. We have a great Clubhouse that can seat well over 100 people, and we have a well stocked bar including our own branded beer! The location has some wonderful scenery that you can sit and contemplate, watch what is going on, walk around and enjoy.   

About Prescott Speed Hill Climb

A Place For All Car and Bike Enthusiasts  

Good Events, Our History, Nice Team

We have wanted to organise events like this for what seems like ages! We believe that Prescott is a great place and we want to share it with you.  We have good facilities, some of the best you will find at any motorsport venue in the UK. 


We also know that there are many people that have a keen interest in their cars and bikes (us included) and like to do things with their car / bike community, including visiting nice places. 

Wheels at Prescott is about bringing the two together. All vehicle enthusiasts of whatever persuasion can meet at Prescott in nice surroundings with good facilities and have an enjoyable time. You are welcome to have a walk about, talk, have a drink or a bite to eat or visit some of the trade stands.  Or to simply enjoy the drive/ride to Prescott and back. 

About Wheels At Prescott

The Bugatti Owners' Club or BOC as it is normally called is a car club, not that different to many other car clubs.  True it has been around since 1929 and some of the cars are now over 100 years old. Like other Clubs the BOC hosts and organises events for its Members, guests and visitors.

What makes the BOC slightly different from most other car clubs is that it also owns and runs a motorsport venue, in our case Prescott Hill Climb.  Also you don't have to be an owner of a Bugatti to be a Member.  

About the Bugatti Owners' Club

Friends of Prescott is a group of volunteers that help organise and support social events at Prescott and elsewhere. We raise money through these events for investing in improvements on the Prescott estate for the benefit and enjoyment of all visitors. 

Recent improvements include Wi-Fi around the Clubhouse, Paddock and Orchard, sponsorship of new websites, major facelifts of the Clubhouse, paddock loos and Cafe.

More information about Friends of Prescott, our objectives and achievements can be found at the Friends of Prescott page on the Club website.

We are keen to expand our volunteer group so if you want to help at any of the WAP or other events we organise then please use the Contact form or the contact links below.

About Friends of Prescott

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